Journeying through Life Together

Our Afterlife Memorial Service (AMS) member, Mr Tan, 82, who lived alone in a rental flat, had passed on. His elder brother used to visit Mr Tan every evening. When Mr Tan was unreachable last Friday, his elder brother decided to visit Mr Tan on the same evening despite being in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, his elder brother and sister-in-law found Mr Tan lying motionless on the ground at home.

Shocked by the turn of events, Mr Tan’s elder brother and sister-in-law notified our AMS team about the situation at 8 pm. The doctor certified that Mr Tan suffered a stroke that led to his death. With the certified cause of death, we processed Mr Tan’s death certification at the nearest police centre. Every senior deserves a proper and respectful send-off. Therefore, we engaged Embrace Funeral Services, an undertaker parlour, to help the seniors with their last rites. Mr Tan was cleaned and dressed before we sent him to Mandai crematorium, where he had a simple Buddhist funeral rite.

We whispered a silent prayer to Mr Tan not to worry, and we would take care of his elder brother and sister-in-law; we also prayed for his peaceful journey. All the seniors need is to have someone assure them, care for them and be there for their final journey.

If you know an elderly who needs help, contact us or refer them to us.

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