Monthly Food Distribution for Needy Seniors

Tomorrow is the day that we will be doing our monthly food distribution for the elderly again!

Due to the Covid-19 safety measures, we split into two teams to distribute food this and next weekend. Our staff and volunteers will be giving out 232 packed dinners and 187 goodie bags to our Afterlife Memorial Service members islandwide. The food will bring joy to our seniors in this festive long weekend, we wish you a lovely meaningful long weekend too!

明天是我们派发每月暖心晚餐给乐龄 的日子!

因为冠状病情和安全措施的影响,义工 和工作人员会分成两个小组为后事会员分发232包晚餐和 187份 #食品礼包 到全岛各地。在这长长的周末和假期里,晚餐和食品礼包可以为乐龄们带来温暖和喜悦,我们希望你们也一样!

Dinner 晚餐: Neo Group Limited

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