Memorial Services


Afterlife Memorial Service

In October 2012, Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society set up the Afterlife Memorial Service (AMS) alongside a fund for the financial needs of the service. Moved by two separate cases, then Chairman Mr Lim Hang Chung saw the need to see to the funeral arrangements of seniors without dependents and/or require the service.

The initial phase was financially supported by entrepreneurs who share the same vision as Mr Lim. Over the recent years, AMS has received widespread positive feedback from donors, patrons and beneficiaries.

As Singapore faces the issue of an aging population, more seniors would derive peace and security from knowing their funeral arrangements are well taken care of.

The AMS caters to all needy seniors, regardless of race or religion.

care with love

Care With Love Project

Established in 2014, Care with Love is a project with over 80 student volunteers led by student coordinator Lim Rui Xian, from National University of Singapore Rotaract Club. As the vibrant and young group in Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society, the volunteers serve in various activities and bring cheer to the seniors.

Separately, the student volunteers carry out home visits to befriend our AMS beneficiaries. Many of these seniors eagerly anticipate the visits with the warmth and love from the young volunteers.

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