Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society
Find out how we help support needy elderly persons in our society
Our Mission
Commitment to serving the poor, disadvantaged, needy and the destitute in our society
Our Happenings
Seniors can attend outings, engaging healthcare and educational talks and befriending activities

Our Core Services

Afterlife Memorial Service

We provide funeral services for elderly persons with no dependants or are from low-income household. More than just funeral services, we journey with our beneficiaries by caring for, and providing them with a better quality of life throughout their golden age.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Service

We provide free TCM services through our 9 clinics and 1 mobile TCM vehicle to all underprivileged regardless of race or creed. Our pro bono service includes consultation, treatments and medicine dispensary.

Medical Escort and Transport Service

Medical Escort and Transport Service (METS) is a service for the elderly who have mobility difficulties and require escort service to their doctor’s appointments. We partner with the Agency of Integrated Care to offer METS to the elderly through referrals.

Oasis Senior Activity Centre @ North Bridge Road

Oasis Senior Activity Centre (SAC) actively engages the elderly with a variety of activities. We encourage the elderly to participate in healthy and enjoyable activities, such as exercises, manicures, pedicures, colouring sessions and using the space for relaxation.

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