Small Gifts, Big Heart

Most of the Afterlife Memorial Service (AMS) members live with financial assistance and cannot afford to change spoilt household essential items. We support the elderly financially and take care of their needs, hoping to create a more comfortable living condition for them. Here are three members whom we’ve helped recently.

For days, Madam Ng was in distress because her laundry rack was spoilt, and she could not clear her laundry. Hence, we engaged a contractor to install a new rack for her.

Madam Tay had only a simple wish: she wanted to have a proper bed. For seniors like her, sleeping on the floor and getting up without support is difficult. We gifted her a bed, and now, she can enjoy and rest comfortably.

Recommended to stay home for their safety due to a rise in Covid-19 cases, it would have been lonely and dull for Mr Goh, whose television broke down recently. After we delivered a TV set to him recently, Mr Goh can now enjoy shows in the comfort of his own home.

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