Be Our Heroes for the Seniors – e-Flag Day 2021

Mr Yip and his 2 brothers lived in a rental flat. The eldest brother passed on and the other 2 brothers live on financial assistance, it was difficult for them to afford a proper funeral ritual. Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society (CHWSS) helped to provide funeral services for the seniors in need. “Thank you for helping my eldest brother rest in peace,” said Mr Yip, one of the younger brothers.

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society helps underprivileged seniors and communities through Afterlife Memorial Service (AMS), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services, Medical Escort and Transport (MET) services and senior befriending.

As much as we wish to meet and thank our heroes personally for your kind support, due to the ongoing pandemic, we will be holding a virtual Flag Day this year. Every donation matters to the needy seniors and communities, your donation will be able to support the beneficiaries of these services. Be our heroes today!

Consultation with TCM physician
Uncle Poh was boarding MET vehicle to see a doctor.
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