Volunteer with Passion, Compassion and the Right Mindset

International Women’s Day is a day that celebrates the successes women have achieved. Today, we show our warmest appreciation to Jess, a long-time volunteer with CHWSS.

Jess came to know of CHWSS at a charity event in 2018, where she learned about our programmes and services, found our Afterlife Memorial Service especially meaningful, and ultimately joined as a volunteer.

She shared that her current responsibilities include organising volunteers for various CHWSS events, and coming up with courses and activities for Cheng Hong TCM & Senior Station @ Union House (📍 89 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539220) . When asked if it was difficult for her to find teachers for the courses, Jess said, “The teachers are my friends who are volunteers as well. I’m very thankful for their trust and support.”

For those looking to volunteer, Jess advised, “It’s important that you have patience, compassion and a right mindset. Sometimes, seniors may be in a bad mood when you visit them; that’s when it tests your patience.”

Lastly, she shared, “I really admired Chairman Mr Lim Hang Chung’s hands-on approach, and the charity’s transparency in funds management. I would also like to thank Secretary Mr Lawrence Lim for his trust in my abilities to play to my strengths. His belief gave me the motivation and confidence to keep volunteering.”



Jess一般的职责包括召集义工为不同的众弘活动献爱心、负责为众弘优联中医义诊所及众弘优联乐驿站 (📍 89 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539220) 安排课程和活动等。她很庆幸朋友们都非常支持她,也愿意相信她,并在她的邀请下,一同和她为年长者免费授课。



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