Mr Lum’s Simple Wish

Mr Lum was one of the first few seniors who entrusted us to be there for him during his last journey. As the one of the first few AMS members, he was always supportive of our events and constantly showed concerns towards our volunteers and staff.

When Mr Lum was diagnosed with cancer, he checked himself out. He chose to sleep outside of his rental flat because it was warm and humid inside and also because he was a hoarder. Despite the intervention from our Senior Honorary Advisor, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, our staff and other VWOs, he refused to be admitted back to the hospital as he wished to pass on at home and able to enjoy Chinese New Year. We respected his decision to leave this world on his own terms and we did the best we could to ensure his last journey would be as comfortable as possible. As he is too weak to move, we had staff and volunteers delivering meals to him and basically accompanying and monitoring him.

Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated, and we had to send him back to the hospital. Shortly after his admission, he passed away on the eve of Chinese New Year. While his wish didn’t come true, we did what we promise Mr Lum 4 years ago and that is ensuring his last rites will be with dignity and not alone.

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