From Member to Friend: Story of Mr Tan

Mr Tan has been our AMS member since 2016. As a resident of a nursing home, he often feels lonely and seeks companionship. Since becoming our member, he has forged a strong friendship with us especially our Chairman, Mr Lim Hang Chung. Mr Lim will always find time to visit him every month and to buy him his favourite food. The friendship has continued to flourish and they will call each other often just to update each other about their lives and health.

During an interview with Channel NewsAsia, Mr Tan shared that he hopes Mr Lim will be there for him when he passes on and he is grateful to have him as a friend.

Our AMS does not just provide free funeral services to the vulnerable elderly. Our service is a journey we walk with all our members. To be there with them during their twilight years so they will not have to endure the last days, alone.

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